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About Us

Beyond Your Basic Threads.

 We believe in standing out.

We strive to offer a  trendy, comfortable and truly unique streetwear brand. We aim for quality, loaded with style while being boldly original.

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We've Recently Rebranded!


Hey there! I'm Janelle, creater, owner, hands & heart behind this business. About 2 and a half years ago, I decided to start a business where I could do something I would enjoy, could work from home and be there for my family. I had come up with a name that I felt was cute and kind of catchy but it never spoke me to me. Ever since I have wanted to rebrand but there was never a name that spoke to me. After much thought, I came up with our new name ViconX Urban Streetwear. The V & X are taken from the names of my twins. This is a brand I believe in and is iconic to myself and it is my hope that it is or will be to others as well.  The name has changed but I will continue to produce quality, comfort and a whole lot of style. This brand will still remain, Beyond Your Basic Threads.  

Bare with me as we slowly transition from LH&A to our brand new label, ViconX Urban Streetwear. Thank you for your love & support. I wouldn't be able to do what I do without YOU!