About Us


We believe in standing out. We strive to offer a  trendy, comfortable, and truly unique streetwear brand. We aim for quality, loaded with style while being boldly original.

ViconX has gone through many phases, and as we grow, I'm sure we will continue to do so. V, taken from my daughter's name, and X, my son surrounding an icon -- an iconic brand. This business is run by just myself, a stand alone, work-a-holic. The time, and love that is poured into each and every aspect of this brand, is something I never knew could exist. But, here we are, and here I am, heart & soul deep into it.

Made in USA. At this time, all of my items are hand cut, sewn, and everything in between by just my two hands. So much work goes into each, and every piece created. I hope you enjoy each, and every style brought into your babes wardrobe.

I just love to see how you pair my items! Connect with us on our social media platforms. Thank you, as always, for supporting ViconX - Beyond Your Basic Threads.

Xo, Janelle